CoLiDo Mega Extra Large Build Size 3D Printer


 Huge print build size: D 1*H1.5m, printing building height is customizable.
 High Speed Printing.
 Auto recovery software during power failure and filament breakage.
 Robust structure design, Reliable motors and linear bearings, Reliable and stable print quality
 Print-Rite’s in house design PLA filament, smooth builds the smooth-to-the-touch surface, Low
shrinkage and stable dimension.
 Apply for all kinds of field such as Art, film props, entity model, cartoon characters, DIY, construction,
industry and so on.

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CoLiDo Mega

CoLiDo Mega is visibly a massive machine – may be the largest filament based 3D Printer you’ve ever seen. Wide platform size with a build volume of 1.0m diameter x 1.5m height and larger nozzle of 0.8mm layer resolution allow you to create an entire object in one shot. CoLiDo Mega also print at a high speed, 3 times faster than other FDM 3D Printer whilst printing. Last but not least, CoLiDo Mega is a delta-robot style 3D Printer, different from other FDM 3D Platform which employing commonly seen cartesian robot approach. How to make a 1:1 chair without having to assemble many parts? CoLido Mega 3D Printer is the answer.

High speed printing

CoLiDo Mega is 3 times faster in printing than other FDM 3D printers.It can print a sculpture in 2-3 days,while other 3D printers usually need over a week to print all the parts.

Stable printing

CoLiDo Mega uses aluminum alloy for its body structure.It is light but strong that resists vibrations while printing.Together with a high quality print-head and motor,CoLiDo Mega  has stable printing and ensures a high quality printout.

mega build size

CoLiDo Mega has an extra large print size-1m x 1.5m.From furniture to sculpture to automotive,the printer can creste 1:1 3D model at a time.No assembly required,the printed objects are stronger and uniform.

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Weight 400 kg

Product Specification
Model CoLiDo Mega
Technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Build Volume:: D 1*H1.5 m
Printer Size: 1.35m*1.35m*3.2m
Layer Resolution: 0.1~0.8mm
Position accuracy: 0.025 mm
Nozzle Dia: 0.8 mm
Filament Dia: 3 mm
Filament Material: PLA
Frame: Steel+ Aluminum
Build Platform: Coated glass
XYZ Bearing: Steal
Stepper Motors: 1.8°step angle,1/16 micro-stepping
Software Bundle: CoLiDo Pronterface
File Types: .STL、.G-Code
OPS: WINDOWS 7 or above
Connection: USB
Storage Temp: 0°-32°C [32°-90°F]
Operation Temp: 15°-32°C [60°-90°F]
Input Voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
Power: 200W

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