Print-Rite CEO talks intellectual property Leave a comment

Arnald Ho was the special guest on a recent video produced by the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong, focusing on the growth of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and its key cities.

During the interview with Astrid Chan, filmed in a stylish setting over a plate of sophisticated desserts produced by Print-Rite’s CoLiDo 3D printer, the company’s helmsman discussed this signature innovation.

He explained that Print-Rite had many patents on the printer and that the special coating on the printer platform, “complemented by a high precision nozzle and patented filaments”, contributed to the high quality of Print-Rite’s printed products.

When questioned on how Print-Rite made use of intellectual property to “promote business development”, Ho replied that the company attached “high importance” to IP management and revealed that it had over 2,000 patents in China, Hong Kong, Europe and the US. He described this as “a vital element” that gave Print-Rite’s products a market edge.

Ho went on to explain that, while the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, Print-Rite’s research and development and domestic sales units are based in Zhuhai and its export sales sector is located in Macao.

He described this collaboration as combining “the unique advantages of different cities in the Bay Area” that enabled Print-Rite to “expand international markets”, as a result of which the company “has been performing very well”.


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