Corporate Responsibities


Our Green Policy is at the heart of everything we do at Print Rite and ensures we deliver on our commitment to environmental protection. It has five key points…

1. Green Procurement

Our ‘Green Procurement Management’ procedures feature strict controls and monitoring of our raw materials. All materials used in production are safe to both humans, animals and the environment.

2. Waste Minimisation

We aim to achieve zero waste in our development and production processes and have also designed, developed and implemented our own waste water treatment plant.  We continually enhance and upgrade our facilities to meet stringent environmental regulations.

3. Recycling

Inkjet and laser cartridges are a core part of our business and over the past 5 years, over 60 million used cartridges have been recycled in our remanufacturing plant.

4. Chemical Substance Management and Compliance

Print-Rite complies with, and often exceeds, various worldwide chemical substance regulations such as RoHS and REACH.

5. Employee Education

Regular training programmes, seminars and workshops are delivered to keep employees up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and requirements.



Print Rite is also proud of its powerful commitment to charitable causes, and many years ago established the Print Rite Charity Foundation.

Opposite is a ‘before and after’ of the transformation at an elementary school in Hunan Province by the Print-Rite Charity foundation. It has helped numerous good causes since it was launched, in 1999.

Our charity organisation has three main objectives…

  • To improve the education in China/Hong Kong
  • To enhance public awareness of environment protection
  • To solve hygiene and health problems in China/Hong Kong

Print-Rite Holding Limited (“PRH”) supports charity program through Print-Rite Charity Foundation Limited.