Quality Verification

Print-Rite’s remanufactured laser cartridge has been awarded China Environmental Labelling

The aim of China Environmental Labelling is to take responsibility of environmental protection and increase environmental awareness in public, to encourage enterprises to use energy and resource more efficiently through improving environmental management level and developing environmentally friendly products.

The world’s first manufacturer in printer consumable industry certified to IECQ HSPM QC 080000

We are pleased to announce that our manufacturing plant in China, Print-Rite.Unicorn Image Products Co., Ltd of Zhuhai has been certified to IECQ HSPM QC 080000. It is the world’s first company in the printer consumable industry to achieve such certification.

The IECQ HSPM QC 080000 standard for Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) is a framework for the management of HS control and defines the requirements for establishing processes that identify and control any introduction of HS into electronic products.

We, together with our manufacturing plant in China, always follow closely and pursue to attain compliance with world top standards relating to quality and environmental protection. We were a pioneer in the printer consumable industry in implementing green and product safety management standards through the certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 1998 and 2000 respectively. We have a dedicated team with expertise and resources to support our customers and to ensure that our products comply with product safety regulations of those countries that our products are delivered to.

Following the EU and US announcements concerning RoHS, REACH, WEEE, CPSA, etc compliances, it is clear that manufacturers are now expected to take a higher level of responsibility on product safety and social responsibility. The achievement of the IECQ HSPM QC 080000 certification by our manufacturing plant shows our commitment to environmental protection and our dedication to design and produce safe and environmental friendly products. In compliance with related product safety regulations, we have stringent control of hazardous substances in our products and we can assure you that there is no risk of breaching relevant product safety regulations.